Cosmetic Peels


Glycolic Acid 30%                                                                               50 min. 75.00

Increases cell turn over rate, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Lightens hyper-pigmentation and stimulates collagen production.  A great anti-aging treatment. 

Lactic Acid 20%                                                                                  50 min. 75.00

Derived naturally from milk, this refining treatment smooths and regenerates mature, sun damaged, and sensitive skin types.  No down time.

Mid-Depth Peel                                                                                   150.00 & up

A depigmentation peel that creates an even skin tone and stimulates anti-aging.  Perfect for hyperpigmentation and fine lines.  Pre-facial necessary, post care kit included.  Some peeling and flaking.

Add On                                                                                                   25.00

Ultrasonic treatment with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.  It stimulates collagen production to immediately plump and dramatically hydrate your skin.  Your complex will grow.


      Leisa Benini

So your skin will glow

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